Cultural guide

I am thoroughly familiar with the region I work in and the topics I address. I studied hard to prepare for my work and obtain the qualifications required to be an official tour guide in Italy, which requires not only a degree but authorisation and a licence. I work hard to keep up to date and come up with new proposals for the increasingly numerous and demanding travellers who fall in love with the area and keep on coming back. I don’t like to improvise, and so I prepare my itineraries with great care to make sure everything is ready on the established date. I can, of course, offer classic tours of the emblematic sites associated with southern Tuscany, but I can also suggest new and unusual custom-tailored itineraries in places that are less frequently visited by tourists but equally fascinating. Because wherever you go in Tuscany, there’s a Romanesque church waiting to be discovered, an ancient devotional fresco, a hamlet with little towers and breath-taking views, and of course plenty of delicious food! I believe it is best to rely on the services of a professional who can help you understand aspects of the local culture that may not be immediately apparent. I can advise you and guide you through the intricacies of the Siena area, providing you with the keys you need to truly understand what you are seeing, with special insights and ways of making the most of your time, making personal reservations for you so you can avoid waiting in line wherever possible. In short, my tours are perfect for curious, interested visitors who are willing to listen, ask questions, find out more and be truly amazed by what they see!